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Goodbye Deano!

Dear Deano,

I wanted to get one last open letter to you before you hand over the reigns of Executive Editor of your tabloid The NY Times, this June,  to Joey Kahn.  It has been an absolute pleasure corresponding with you over the last couple of years.   It has also been a pleasure corresponding with some of your underlings and getting some of their very spirited responses.

It all Began With Andy

It all started with a quick email discussing Governor Andy (what can I say, I’m Italian) Cuomo.  We discussed his flawless nursing home  Covid strategy; and his amiable, touchy-feely work environment.  Obviously, this environment was blown out of proportion by his accusers, with charges of sexual abuse and intimidation —seeing as though #metoo, and the usual outraged celebrities, Cher, Milano, Behar, Streep, Whoopi……never said a word about it.  Some have said though: if Andy had been a Conservative,

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