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God Is Under Attack – The Mob Comes For Religion

News Link • Religion: Believers 05-11-2022 •, By Sam Faddis

The family unit must be destroyed. The individual must owe his or her only allegiance to the all-powerful state and the party which controls it.

But, perhaps, most of all, Communists must destroy religion. The idea that individuals might place their fate in anything other than the all-powerful, omnipresent government is anathema. It cannot be tolerated. You must stand powerless and alone in the face of your oppressor who owns you body and soul.

The Soviets set the example in this regard. As part of their effort to consolidate power in the new Soviet Union, they destroyed churches, synagogues, and mosques. They jailed and executed religious leaders. In place of belief in a creator, they did their best to substitute scientific atheism, which amounted to worship of the

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