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German Teen Detained in Suspected School Attack Plot

BERLIN—A 16-year-old student was detained in Germany for allegedly plotting an attack on a local secondary school in the western city of Essen after police seized weapons and bomb-making materials from his apartment, authorities said Thursday.

An overnight search of the suspect’s apartment yielded bomb-making materials and large amounts of right-wing extremist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim writings in the teen’s possession, state interior minister Herbert Reul told a press conference. Essen police said they also found spears and other sharp weapons.

The student is suspected of plotting an attack on the Don-Bosco-Gymnasium, the school he currently attends, or another local school he previously attended, the Realschule am Schloss Borbeck, police said.

Police told the broadcaster ZDF that they had evidence of a crime in which “weapons played a role,” but didn’t offer more specifics.

Reul said the police search provided indications that the suspect “had massive mental problems and suicidal thoughts,” including

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