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Food Riots Hit Iran … Are We Next?

Protests and food riots have hit Iran with citizens taking to the streets to chant “Death to Dictator” and “Death to Raisi.” Ebrahim Raisi is the hardline Islamist leader of Iran, and his government recently cut back on wheat import subsidies, leading to big hikes in the prices for staples like bread and pasta.

According to Radio Free Europe, the “cash-strapped” regime will “maintain the current price of traditional Iranian bread.” Raisi also promises bread subsidies for the poor.

One problem: Iran has a lot of poor and not a whole lot of cash, despite Presidentish Joe Biden’s relaxation of sanctions on the terrorist regime in his first month in office.

#BREAKING: #Iranian regime increased the price of flour & subsequently bread in #Iran. This has sparked another nationwide protests in #Iran. A few days ago in #Izeh & now, tonight in #Dezful. People chant “Death to Dictator”, “Death

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