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Family, fellow police mourn ‘hero’ cop killed while taking out Bnei Brak terrorist

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On Sunday, Amir Khoury sat at home with his fiancée Shani Yashar as news of a terror attack in Hadera, in which two police officers were killed, began to filter in. Khoury, a cop himself, turned to Shani and assured her that he would not be victim to the same fate.

“If I see a terrorist in front of my eyes, I’m going to crush him. I’m not going to let anyone get hurt, that’s why I’m a cop,” she recalled him telling her, as she pleaded with him to “not be a hero.”

Three days later, Yashar climbed the stairs to the home of her beloved’s parents, sobbing along with them as they tried to grasp the enormity of his death.

In the end, he had been a hero, and paid with his life.

Khoury was shot and killed Tuesday night as he arrived on the scene of a terror attack in Bnei Brak, helping take out terrorist Diaa Hamarsheh, 27, and prevent him from continuing his rampage of death and destruction through the Tel Aviv suburb.

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“He was like that, always the first when something goes down,” his father Jeries Khoury, a former police officer, said Wednesday. “He had no fear.”

Khoury, 32, was stationed in Bnei Brak as a motorcycle cop. He and a partner were the first to reach Hamarsheh during the attack, who had already killed four people at two different locations.

“He was a hero, the way he and the other officer acted saved lives,” Tel Aviv police commander Amihai Eshed told the crying family as a camera from Channel 12 news filmed.


Bodycam footage published Wednesday showed  Khoury and his partner, whose name has not been cleared for publication, racing toward the scene. As they reach Herzl street, Khoury, who was driving the motorcycle, appears to be shot, after which the terrorist is shot to

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