You are currently viewing FACT CHECK: Biden Really is Giving Away FREE Crack Pipes

FACT CHECK: Biden Really is Giving Away FREE Crack Pipes

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It turns out the Biden Administration really is giving away free in safe-smoking kits, according to an explosive investigative report from the .

“Crack pipes are distributed in safe-smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration’s assertion that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn’t funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia,” the Washington Free Beacon reported in a story written by Patrick Hauf.

Now this revelation might come as a surprise if you were a regular view of the White House Press Briefings with Press Secretary .

In February she refuted reports that the safe-smoking kits included the crack pipes. However, the Free Beacon found otherwise.

“The findings are the result of Washington Free Beacon visits to

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