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Facebook moderator sues company over 'human trafficking'

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Meta has been accused of a “deceptive recruitment process” in Kenya.

Former Facebook moderator Daniel Motaung has sued the social media giant’s parent company Meta and its African subcontractor Sama, alleging in the suit filed on Tuesday that the company “subjected current and former content moderators to forced labor and human trafficking for labor.”

Motaung claims he was laid off for organizing a strike in 2019 and trying to unionize Sama’s employees. The subcontractor, he alleges, engaged in a “deceptive recruitment process” by advertising call center jobs that turned out to be content moderation jobs – with all the exposure to psychologically harmful content that entailed.

“The varying descriptions (call center agents, agent and content moderator) for the position of a content moderator are deceptive and designed to trick unsuspecting applicants into unknowingly becoming Facebook Content Moderators,” Motaung’s lawyers declared in their filing, noting

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