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Europe’s Death Ships | After the Plague

The bubonic plague killed more than one in every three people in affected populaces. We know trade ships expedited its spread, but what did that look like? Batten down the hatches, swabbie; these seas are as rough as it gets.

This video is Episode Three from the series After the Plague, presented by Simon Doubleday. To learn more about the plague, visit:

00:00 Europe’s Trade Routes Bring Opportunity and Danger
04:27 The Plague Arrives in England
07:22 How Did the Plague Spread?
09:15 Were Any European Countries Spared from the Plague?
13:57 The Plague’s Impact on Spain
19:10 Spain’s Overall Mortality Rate
21:13 Were Spanish Accounts of the Black Death Exaggerated?
24:09 Spain’s Economic Resilience During Plague
25:46 Europe Rebounds After Plague


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