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EU Calls China Summit A “Deaf Dialogue” On Ukraine

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Not for the first time, China’s foreign ministry charged that Washington is “fanning the flames” in Ukraine by “imposing sanctions” on Russia and its “coercive words and deeds” in a Wednesday statement.

At the same time European Union has implied that Beijing is being tone deaf on the Ukraine crisis, with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell characterizing the latest EU summit with Xi Jinping as a “deaf dialogue”.

If the US earnestly hopes to help de-escalate the #Ukraine situation, it should stop fanning the flame, imposing sanctions or coercive words and deeds, Chinese FM spokesperson said on Wed.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) April 6, 2022

“China wanted to set aside our difference on Ukraine,” Borrell said of last week’s virtual summit. “They didn’t want to talk about Ukraine. They didn’t want to talk about human rights and other issues, and instead focused on the positive things.”

The EU top diplomat described further that “the European side made clear that this compartmentalization is not feasible, not acceptable,” adding that, “For us the war in Ukraine is a defining moment for whether we live in a world governed by rules or by force.”

The clear allegation out of Brussels is that Beijing is showing little active interest in ending the war in Ukraine. Recently European leaders have been urging Beijing to intervene diplomatically to convince Putin to halt the invasion, which is now focused on securing Ukraine’s eastern regions.

Meanwhile, one top US Navy commander says China is watching the Russia-Ukraine war closely, with an eye on Taiwan:

As the Russia-Ukraine war

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