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Ethical AI Frameworks Education | Fahad Tamton | [email protected]

Nobody has to tell you that the world is changing anymore — it’s apparent that every day, everything moves forwards.

Although it draws references to "The Matrix" or "The Terminator", artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of that future, and it can do things we can only imagine — as a framework, AI is incredible, and can potentially be used to solve some of the most MAJOR problems we face in society.

So why is it being used to keep us addicted to our phones at a detriment to our mental health? Why is it being used to collect data and shill to advertisers? Why is it being used for weapons? Why are AI systems plagued by gender and race bias? And most importantly, why can’t we properly address the ethical implications of this kind of use, especially on our youth population, and developing a better way forward for AI in the future?

This talk attempts to get to the bottom of this and inspire teaching the future about AI and how to use it to solve problems, as well as the development of ethical AI frameworks to support the future use of AI. "Fahad Tamton hopes to continue to push the youth voice, especially in regards to artificial intelligence, ethics and cybersecurity.

Fahad has been involved in projects to help educate about the importance of ethics in the field of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. He is passionate about development of ethical AI systems for the future. Fahad co-organized the Youth AI Ethics Conversations Conference along with the University of Colorado Boulder to inform and inspire people to become more aware about the integration of human morality and values with technology. He has also participated in the production of educational material to be introduced at the elementary school level to educate children about this topic.

As we move towards a future where our dependence on technology is increasing exponentially, defining rules for coexistence is a necessity. Fahad hopes to introduce more students to these topics through schools, lesson plans, and learning tools." This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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