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EMP Task Force: Iran Setting Sights on Electric Grid Attacks

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, feigning concern that the United States will attack the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) components of its electrical power, is taking steps to harden these sites. But it appears to be a pretext to support Tehran’s high-altitude electromagnetic pulse strategy (HEMP), according to the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security. In the category of “you really can’t make this stuff up,” the United States has used as negotiating interlocutors with Iran in the latest revival of nuclear talks. Meanwhile, Tehran continues to work on getting a small nuclear-tipped missile sooner than anticipated.

“The United States continues to engage with Russia on reviving the Iran nuclear deal, a senior US State Department official said on Tuesday (March 15), saying Moscow may now grasp that Ukraine-related sanctions should not affect the accord’s implementation,” Reuters reported. So, Washington has Moscow in its national security corner to

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