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Elected Official in College Town Slanders College Athletes

Athens, Ga. is like many other college towns in that many of the students and townies are of the left. Even though far more conservative communities surround the home of the University of Georgia, the Democrats dominate the unified government of Athens-Clarke County.

At the same time, the community owes a lot to the university, especially the tourism that the Georgia Bulldogs’ various athletic programs bring in (including the defending college football national champions, I might add). This fact didn’t stop one of the far-left members of the Athens-Clarke County Commission from slandering the Bulldogs’ football program.

At a Thursday night meeting, commissioners appeared to be talking among themselves on a hot mic about the Bulldogs who had recently been drafted into the NFL. Democrat Melissa Link made two references to football players “raping and murdering.”

Another far-left commissioner, Mariah Parker, whom I introduced to you in 2018 when she

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