You are currently viewing ‘Don’t touch my family’: MMA fighter took down three would-be burglars – now he could be the one facing charges

‘Don’t touch my family’: MMA fighter took down three would-be burglars – now he could be the one facing charges

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LANDSMEER, Legendary is making headlines – but not for in-the-ring action.

Three men were believed to have been casing the star’s Amsterdam suburban home on at least one other occasion. He was in Paris for an event at that time. They were seen again by neighbors, who called Manhoef to alert him to their presence.

This time he was home. The husband and father of one went outside to confront the men.

According to the Sun, Manhoef chased the men off his property and into their vehicle. Witnesses reported seeing them speed away, with Manhoef right behind them in his own car.

Catching up to the fleeing vehicle, Manhoef essentially used his car to disable their vehicle. Once they were stopped, he then went to the car, broke the window, opened the door and put the men on the ground near the car to await police.

People in the area saw the activity and called law enforcement.

When they arrived, they found Manhoef standing in front of the men. He still had glass shards in his hand from punching through the window of their car.

As reported by the website ClutchPoints, Manhoef told his story.

“I pulled my car in front of them, and I was watching them. They saw me, and they were looking at me, and they took a slight turn and went away. After that, I was chasing them.

I chased them, and then I crashed into them on the back side, and I couldn’t stop them because they were still going fast. And then I go to the side, and I hit them from the side. So they go into the, how do you call it, the side of the road, and the car was, like, turning and slipping. And we crashed.

So I crashed, I crashed the whole car, and then the car stopped in the middle of the road, like horizontal, in the middle of the road.

And I jumped out of the car and I said, ‘Come over here,’ because they had their burglar stuff to

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