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Does the Goldback Actually Solve Any Problems?

In this video I talk about the Goldback and look at problems that the Goldback might solve. There are a few issues when is comes to Goldbacks and I think that highlighting solutions to real issues that gold regularly faces is a good way to talk about these problems. The Goldback currency is a fractionalized currency that is made out of gold. The "1 Goldback" contains 1/1000th of a troy oz of 24k gold. Some of the negative things about the Goldback are seen as deal breakers for some people and seen as strengths for others. Are Goldbacks worth it? That depends on who you ask. I hope that this video looking at 5 problems that the Goldback may solve is helpful to many of you. Below is my video on stacking Goldbacks

Should You STACK the GOLDBACK?



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