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Disinformation board idea was 'highly unpopular': Poll

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Homeland Security says it still hopes to revive Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ “disinformation board,” but it will have to overcome major misgivings among the public, according to a poll released Monday that underscored just how “highly unpopular” the idea was.

The idea won disfavor from 55% of respondents who were closely following the saga, including 32% who said they had “no trust at all” in the ability of the department to decide what constitutes disinformation, according to a TIPP Insights survey.

Just 42% did trust the board, with only 19% of those saying they had “quite a bit of trust” the panel could reliably ascertain disinformation.

“In short, it was a highly unpopular idea,” the pollsters said, speculating that those kinds of polling numbers are why Mr. Mayorkas hit pause on the idea last week.

The Department of Homeland Security said the rollout of the idea, which Mr. Mayorkas first teased

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