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“Disaster” of an Interior Department Exposed by Rep. Sullivan

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Rep. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) called the Department of the Interior a “disaster” during his interview with Secretary Granholm. While acknowledging she might not have answers to some questions since they aren’t necessarily her responsibility, he wanted her views. He didn’t get anything worthwhile in return.

Rep. Sullivan opened the interview with Energy Secretary Granholm during the Armed Services Committee hearing noting the importance of energy for national security, and adding that there has been extreme hostility to the energy sector by this administration. The Alaskan representative then went on to point out the lies, hypocrisy, and disconnect between the administration’s words and their actions.

The administration claims they want to increase the supply of energy and turns around and does the opposite. He brought up three examples: Secretary Haaland is taking two prolific oil reserves in Alaska off the table. It’s the opposite

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