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Diesel Shortages are Now “Widespread”

shortages have become apparent to those who utilize the and many are calling those shortages “.” This is going to have an effect on everything, from the to the cost of goods and services going forward.

In the United States, refiners currently receive roughly an average of more than $150 per from the sale of gasoline and diesel at wholesale , while paying only around $100 to purchase . The indicative 3-2-1 margin of $50 per barrel is based on the assumption a refinery produces two barrels of gasoline and one barrel of diesel from refining three barrels of crude. –ZeroHedge

Global stocks of refined petroleum products have fallen to critically low levels as refineries prove unable to keep up with surging , especially for the diesel-like fuels used in manufacturing and freight transportation. The result has been a surge in prices refiners receive

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