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Dem Rep. Asks the DoJ to Protect “Susceptible” Hispanics

Democrat Congressman Daniel Soto suggested in a tweet that Hispanic voters need protection and are “susceptible to misinformation [or disinformation]. Naturally, anything that differs from the narrative must be mis- or disinformation.

Mr. Soto thinks that Hispanics — who are now leaning toward the political right — are really just too stupid to understand the facts as he sees them. But, don’t worry, Democrats plan to protect them. Soto wants the Justice Department to do it since he thinks they can’t understand on their own.

In the tweet below, Rep. Soto is likely referencing the new DOJ unit to seek out extremists who allegedly spread disinformation.


The DOJ formed a frightening domestic terrorism unit and is looking at mis- and disinformation. They think anyone who disagrees with them is susceptible to indoctrination.

The agency claims there’s an “elevated threat from domestic

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