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David Hunter: Bond Market is Going to Force the Fed to Pivot

Tom welcomes back experienced investment professional David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors.

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Talking Points From This Episode
– The markets are bottoming, fear is high, and from here the bond markets will be setting the tone.
– Expectations for the Fed and the likelihood of them over-correcting.
– The coming melt-up rally, its causes, and the effects of supercycles.
– David’s energy forecasts were affected by the Ukraine conflict as were other commodities but he expects the effect to be short-lived.
– De-dollarization and why the dollar may be topping.
– Targets for precious metals during the melt-up.
– The bust and how an 80% bear market will shape out.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:41 – Recent Corrections?
4:50 – Melt-Up Rally
8:58 – Fed & Hiking Problems
10:35 – Rates & Housing
12:55 – CPI Figures
15:38 – Energy & Inflation
17:51 – Market & Cycle Calls
22:54 – Investor Sentiment
31:00 – Ukraine & The U.S. Dollar
36:38 – Metals & Relative Strength
38:54 – The Deflationary Bust
42:34 – Wrap Up

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David is Chief Macro Strategist with Contrarian Macro Advisors. He is an investment professional with 25 years of investment management experience and 21 years as a sell-side strategist with robust macroeconomic analysis and portfolio management expertise. His strong macro capabilities, combined with a contrarian philosophy, have allowed him to forecast economic cycles and spot market trends well ahead of the consensus. Intellectually honest, independent thinker comfortable with charting a course apart from the crowd.

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