You are currently viewing Cyclical Reset of the Milky Way Galaxy, Timeline of the Apocalypse, Discourse with Diamond Opp Ranch

Cyclical Reset of the Milky Way Galaxy, Timeline of the Apocalypse, Discourse with Diamond Opp Ranch

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Limited #’s Epic Event Coming up May 14th and 15th in Ruidoso, New Mexico
The Ultimate Plasma Petroglyph Tour and Conference! We will be on scene looking at petroglyphs that are on and off the main path and describing their significance with the Electric Unverses Theory. Learn the origins, these amazing petrolgyphs symbolize and understand the significance they represent. Are we living in a time that we will see the same symbols in the heavens our anscestors saw thousands of years ago? It this cyclical? How much will this affect us here now and in the future? Get ready to have your minds blown! There will be petroglyph tours on May 14th followed by a conference on May 15th. This is the first of it’s kind event dedicated to plasma petroglyphs. The experience will be once in a lifetime! Join Us

Epic Discussion with Diamond Dave the Geologist
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