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Could Dish Network and DirecTV Really Merge?

As Gets Pricier, Can and Be Saved by Merging? – 58% of Americans now subscribe to more than one of the big three online TV streaming services, according to a study by Leichtman. The figure shows an increasing number of Americans turning to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix to meet their TV needs. Just 28% of Americans said that they had more than one of the top-three subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in 2016. The figure rose sharply to 51% in 2019 and has slowed since.

When 11 additional streaming video services are included, 82% of all households report having at least one SVOD-enabled device. 53% of homes also have three or more paid services.

In 2021, a survey from J.D. Power revealed that Americans subscribing to four streaming services on average are paying 24% more to access streaming content at an average monthly cost

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