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Cops told to record criminals, victims by actual sex

A new report in the United Kingdom confirms that the Home Office is asking police now to record criminals and victims with their birth sex, not necessarily their “gender identification.”

The new result will now actually give authorities a perspective on how many men are committing crimes while identifying as women, and therefore skewing the statistics for crime by women.

FOIA response confirms that, in respect to sex and gender, @ukhomeoffice will now ask police forces to record the sex (of both victims and suspects) based on what was recorded on an individual’s birth certificate or their gender recognition certificate. @NoXYinXXprisons

— Terry Stock (@TerryStock8) April 6, 2022

The Independent reported the new guidance said a official for the Home Office said the plans are voluntary, but they could become the standard based on feedback from police departments.

The guidance also suggested police identify the person’s “gender identity” if it is revealed to be

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