You are currently viewing Conservative host  TRIGGERS groomers in EPIC Twitter throw down

Conservative host TRIGGERS groomers in EPIC Twitter throw down

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When it comes to morally corrupt political views, we can always count on the left-wing progressive ideology to provoke head-scratching reactions from sane citizens. With their knack for devaluing innocence and purity, progressives fiercely defend abortion, feminism, and all things LGBTQ+ in ways that make the stomach churn.

BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey of “Relatable” took on the woke mob and masterfully hijacked tactics used by Marxists on the left for an epic throw down on leftists currently crying about being called “groomers” for pushing against Florida’s anti-grooming bill.

But first, here are a few examples of woke Twitter’s reaction to being called “groomers.”

Allie’s thread began, “It’s not enough to be not a groomer. One must be actively anti-grooming. Those who defend themselves against accusations of grooming are simply expressing Groomer Fragility. They harbor secret groomer traits & must be shown the ways they’ve benefited from systemic grooming.”

“Silence is violence when it comes to the grooming of children,” Allie continued. “Unless you are actively working to dismantle the systems of grooming, you are upholding the institutions that have oppressed children for centuries. It’s time to listen & learn. Know better so you can do better.”

“Get educated on this, but also don’t make those of us doing this work expend any more energy than we have to by teaching you,” Allie continued. “Resources on this stuff abound. I recommend starting with the brave @libsoftiktok to see how what this system

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