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CNN in a 'Sorry State of Affairs' As Cratered Viewership and CNN+ Failure Plague the Network

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CNN used to be synonymous with breaking 24-hour news but once Jeff Zucker got hold of the reins he forced the network to the left so hard it tipped the carriage over. The network has struggled to attract viewers as it continued to double and triple down on its radical leftist slant. So radical, in fact, that network anchors calling white male Trump voters the biggest threat in the country while standing in front of burning buildings and calling Black Lives Matter riots “mostly peaceful” are burned into the minds of many Americans.

People tuned out and never came back. The ratings tell the tale more than anything else, with ratings dropping a horrifying 90 percent after 2021.

Now Zucker is out the door with both a sexual scandal and a trashed network smoldering behind him, and with new leadership coming in, some are taking stock of what CNN is and how much needs to be rebuilt. The short answer is “a lot.” Experts are looking at the beleaguered network and seeing something broken and in need of a total makeover.

According to Fox News, as CNN’s parent company WarnerMedia closes its deal with Discovery, big changes are in store for the news network and some wonder if the new regime can restore the once “most trusted name in news” to one that earns the title:

CNN is in the midst of a “sorry state of affairs” as the network faces looming leadership changes, struggling ratings and “the embarrassing launch of a suboptimal product,” according to a former producer as watchdogs ponder if the new regime can restore the network’s reputation.

It’s a much-publicized period of transition for CNN, as parent company WarnerMedia will finally close a long-planned merger with Discovery in the next few weeks. Former CNN boss Jeff Zucker is long gone after being forced to step aside and his replacement, Chris Licht, isn’t expected to overtake control of the network until at least April 11. Meanwhile, high-powered Discovery CEO David Zaslav will oversee the new Warner Bros. Discovery, which will serve as CNN’s parent company once the merger is complete.

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