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China Wants a Military Ready to Conquer Taiwan by 2030

has been working on developing its military might since the late 1990s. After spending hundreds of billions of dollars, Beijing now seems to have a very clear goal in mind that could rattle nerves in Asia: A top US intelligence official said China is set on building a military capable of taking over by 2030.

“It’s our view that they are working hard to effectively put themselves into a position in which their military is capable of taking Taiwan,” Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

Haines said the threat to Taiwan was “acute” between now and 2030.

China has long said that Taiwan, an island nation of 23 million people located 100 miles off China’s east coast, must become part of the mainland. Taiwan has been self-ruling for decades and fiercely maintains its independence.

Experts and Western officials have kept a close

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