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Cawthorn Loses

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2022 N.C. DISTRICT 11


Updated May 17, 2022, 10:36 PMAP estimates

99.0% of votes counted

Chuck Edwards R29,228 votes33.5%Madison Cawthorn (i) R27,689 votes31.7%Matthew Burril R8,289 votes9.5%Bruce O’Connell R5,997 votes6.9%Rod Honeycutt R5,704 votes6.5%

From Gen. McInerney

BREAKING: Madison Cawthorn will LOSE renomination to Republican challenger Chuck Edwards.

The establishment wanted him gone and he is now gone.


It looks like the powers that be did not want to hear the truth. It will be interesting to see Cawthorn unleased.

David DeGerolamo

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