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Canadian kindergartners given masturbation homework assignment

According to Libs of TikTok’s Substack, 4-year-olds at Alert Bay, British Columbia, were given a homework assignment discussing where and when to masturbate.

The incident happened at the T’lisalagi’lakw School which is part of First Nation territory. School officials are said to be investigating the matter which was reportedly undertaken by one particular teacher and wasn’t indicative of the overall curriculum.

The lesson is adapted from the “Body Smart: Right From the Start” sex-ed program which labels itself as being appropriate for kids ages 3 to 7.

Here’s what one parent wrote:

“You know I was going to keep quiet and handle this quietly but F*ck it #1 I was not informed this would be discussed no info came home before hand #2 my daughter is JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN! I did call the school and I’ll be doing a formal written complaint as well. If your 4 year old

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