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By Golly, We’re Living in a Perfect Storm

Not long ago, many of us saw the movie ‘The ’, where a surprisingly perfect storm pattern of battling low-pressure systems catches some commercial fishermen unaware and puts them in mortal danger, washing one ship and crew away forever. Today, we, in America, are living in another perfect storm, whose eye is centered on Washington DC and the increasingly dangerous currents in Democrat rule, where a doddering old man, Joe Biden, also known as Tio Pepe Biden, or Uncle Joe Biden, has the helm of the foundering ship of state and our local federal representatives, our Maggie Hassan, ‘Flap Jack’ Pappas and silly Annie Kuster are all down for our sinking and the end of our dreams.

Politico recently ran a puff piece on what it’s like to be a White House reporter in the Biden years.  It’s boring, the non-stop Trump scandals involved in increasing employment for all,

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