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Blinded by gender

This story is according to Michele’s testimony. I have verified aspects of the story and looked at court documents that support it. I am using the child’s legal name and pronoun associated with her sex, for clarity.

The FBI found 15-year-old Sage on Sept. 2, 2021. She had been kept in a locked room, where she’d been held captive and trafficked for sex after running away from home just over a week before. When the authorities called her mother, Michele, they told her she and her husband Roger could pick her up the next day at Waxter Children’s Center, a girls’ detention facility in Laurel, MD, where she’d been sent after she was kept in the hospital overnight to administer a rape exam.

So Michele and Roger, overwhelmed with relief, drove from Virginia to Maryland to get her first thing in the morning, their car stuffed with blankets, pillows, her

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