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Biden still obsessed with Trump

President Biden seems to be stuck on the acronym “MAGA,” which is, of course, the short form of “Make America Great Again,” former President Donald Trump’s favorite campaign rallying cry.

Mr. Biden’s latest flirtation with “MAGA’ took place in a speech this week in which he called Mr. Trump the ‘Great MAGA king.” But wait, there’s more. Mr. Biden also referred to “Ultra-MAGA” Republicans and just plain “MAGA Republicans” in very recent days.

Yes, well. The more kindly “MAGA-nificient” or “MAGA-nanimous” would not suit Mr. Biden’s amped up Republican-bashing agenda, which some analysts say is an indicator that the president is plenty jittery about the 2022 midterm elections.

Mr. Biden also may have  forgotten that Mr. Trump remains both a businessman and entrepreneur — and he is making instant, constructive use of the term “Ultra-MAGA” while it’s still on the public radar.

Mr. Trump already

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