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Biden issues sweeping police reform executive order

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President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday that broadly overhauls policing in the U.S. by creating a national database of police misconduct, banning chokeholds, restricting other use-of-force tactics, and requiring annual anti-bias training in addition to several other points.

The “Executive Order to Advance Effective, Accountable Policing and Strengthen Public Safety” was scheduled for signing on Wednesday to commemorate the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a tragic police-involved incident that sparked a worldwide social movement.

The order, which handcuffs police officers amid an ongoing violent crime crisis, is likely to be condemned by police advocates and scrutinized by members of Congress.

Among other things, the order essentially creates a bad cop registry that requires all federal law enforcement agencies to file and maintain records of officer misconduct — “including convictions, terminations, de-certifications, civil judgments, resignations, and retirements while

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