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Biden In The Box

Biden is operating inside of an ideological box, hindering his ability to be practical with his policy decisions

By Jason A Brown

Why do progressives run things into the ground when they take control of government?  Let’s look at Biden and the disasters that have occurred on his watch.  First let’s take the Department of Justice (DOJ).  At the DOJ they have a problem with consistency, as they only enforce federal law if the perpetrators are Republicans/Conservatives or anyone else that doesn’t subscribe to their national suicide pact with extremists that involves America speeding toward a brick wall at 120 MPH.  When leftists commit crimes, our government officials as high up as VP Harris, start raising money to bail them out of jail.   When conservatives commit crimes, and even sometimes when they don’t, they are arrested and threatened with decades in federal prison.

Just recently the DOJ suggested that some

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