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Biden Administration Approves Of Mental Disease Gender Dysphoria

To pursue its radical social engineering plans the Biden administration has no problem sentencing kids to a lifetime of a mental illness.

Skyrocketing rates of are the result of indoctrination and propaganda not natural occurrence. Why would a society harm its children in this way?

— Twin Ravens (@al97636772) May 11, 2022

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FNC: “Department of Health and Human Services () Secretary Xavier Becerra repeatedly dodged questions Wednesday from Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., regarding particulars of the department’s stance on ‘gender-affirming care’ for children.” Braun wasn’t buying what the administration was selling.

“A subject that is really creating controversy across the country would be gender-affirming care for young people, and it’s on the HHS website,” Braun told Becerra, referencing HHS advocacy of puberty blockers during puberty and hormone therapy starting in early adolescence.

Irreversible surgery is “typically used in adulthood or

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