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Beachfront Houses Collapse Into Ocean At The Outer Banks

Two oceanfront houses on the reportedly fell into the due to strong weather.

The homes were located on the shoreline of Cape Hatteras National Seashore and fell into the ocean on Tuesday in Rodanthe, , according to NBC News. (RELATED: Watch A House Completely Disappear Into River As Torrential Rain In India Triggers Mass Flooding, Landslides)

The National Park Service in Manteo, North Carolina, reported that both houses collapsed into the water hours just between each other.

A video shows the crumbling of the second home, which fell from wooden support beams and crumbled into the water.

The houses were located on the same street, according to the National Park Service. Officials closed off the beach along Ocean Drive as a precautionary measure.

The cause of the collapsing houses was intense weather that swept under the sand, causing the houses to

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