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Baltimore vax producer ruined millions more doses than reported

During the first months after the various COVID vaccines received emergency approval from the FDA, Emergent BioSolutions in Baltimore, Maryland became a rising star in the pharmaceutical industry. They emerged as early manufacturers of both the Johnson & Johnson and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines. They were granted more than $600 million in government contracts, promising to create not only vital medication but plentiful jobs in a city with a collapsing economy. But the good news didn’t last long. Problems with their production lines quickly emerged and huge batches of the vaccines wound up being spoiled in some fashion, then needing to be destroyed. The company eventually lost their government contract last year. But a recent report from CBS News in Baltimore dives into a government analysis of the problems at Emergent and finds that things were even worse than the public was initially told. The number of destroyed doses was millions higher

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