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Baby Formula Shortage: Who's Really to Blame?

Biden’s terrible supply chain crisis is hitting a little closer to home for many families. Coupled with poorly timed recalls and the labyrinth of federal bureaucratic red tape, the supply chain crisis has caused baby formula to disappear from shelves nationwide.

Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Hits FAMILIES! Baby Formula Shortage | Louder With Crowder

As if Americans didn’t have enough on their plate thanks to the mismanagement and poor policies of Joe Biden and his administration of equally dimwitted goons. Parents are scrambling to scrounge up formula to feed their children, and the White House doesn’t seem to have a plan.

Rather, the Biden Administration does have a plan, but it’s not going to do anything to solve the problem. Truth be told, the plan doesn’t do anything to address a single concern of even one American, let alone address the thousands upon thousands of

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