You are currently viewing AUDIO: Yale law students shrieked like banshees to drown out free speech event

AUDIO: Yale law students shrieked like banshees to drown out free speech event

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‘What happened at was deeply disturbing’

There were many articles published regarding an incident in March at Yale Law School in which a bipartisan panel on civil liberties was disrupted by a rowdy group of protesters, including in The College Fix: “At Yale free speech event, protester threatens to beat up conservative, cops called.”

But as the dust settles and more details emerge, it’s clear what happened at one of the nation’s top law schools is a massive canary in the coalmine.

The March 10 protest targeted a Federalist Society event that featured two speakers, one from the left and a voice from the right; but panelist and conservative attorney allegedly put queer students “at risk of harm” by her presence and words, protesters argued.

A series of audio clips published by Alliance Defending Freedom captures the nation’s future top lawyers shrieking and screaming at the top of their lungs to disrupt the event, as well as banging on desks and chanting and clapping as they acted like toddlers throwing a tantrum.

Making this situation worse was the fact that this is “where the attorneys of tomorrow are being trained to think critically, using logic, reason, facts, and evidence to advocate effectively in court,” ADF noted.

“What happened at Yale Law School was deeply disturbing. A mob overran a campus event to shut down a civil conversation.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports that police were called to help keep the peace, that as the

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