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Army searches for ‘sweet spot’ between current, future needs

The and are wrestling with this year’s version of a perennial budgetary tension: spending on upkeep of today’s equipment versus developing tomorrow’s.

House Armed Services Committee members, at a hearing Thursday on the Army’s $177.5 billion fiscal 2023 budget request, showed differing approaches to how much the size and capability of the current force must give in order to pay for developing next-generation systems.

Members split on largely party lines in the debate. GOP members have denigrated President Joe Biden’s budget request as posing a false choice between current and future requirements simply because the total amount of proposed funding is, they say, insufficient.

Democrats, meanwhile, have generally argued that cutbacks to the size of the Army and to upgrading existing equipment are needed to prepare for emerging military challenges.

Fewer than 1 million soldiers

Senior committee Republicans — including ranking member Mike D. Rogers of Alabama, Michael

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