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Are 'Variety' and 'Rolling Stone' Flacks for Amber Heard's PR Team?

Two articles published within minutes of each other, one at Variety and one at Rolling Stone, were surprisingly similar and favorable toward Amber Heard. Todd Spangler, who writes for Variety, posted an article called “Tik Tok Trend: Videos Ridiculing Amber Heard’s Testimony in Johnny Depp Case” at 2:08 p.m. on May 9. The same day, EJ Dickson published her article called, “Demoralizing and Demeaning: A Gross Tik Tok Trend Mocking Amber Heard is Going Viral,” at 2:32 p.m.

Dickson wrote:

The audio of Heard testifying to her abuse at the trial in Fairvax, Virginia, last week is currently going viral on TikTok, with nearly 15,000 videos using the sound. Most disturbingly, the top videos under the sound — many of which have more than 10 million views — appear to be literal reenactments of the abuse Heard describes in her testimony, with people in the videos (mostly men) seen mimicking slapping women

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