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Antifa Violence Erupts Anew

Just when you thought the radical violent Left had disappeared:

Antifa groups tell pro-lifers, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either”

Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Stan Pulliam Attacked By AntiFa In Downtown Portland Watch the video:

“Antifa believe those who oppose CRT are fascists who should be killed

Antifa attacks People’s Convoy driving on the freeway through Portland with projectiles and paint

Radicals assault another group with fireworks and paint in Portland

Pro-antifa “journalist” arrested and charged with arson of synagogues and mosque in Portland

May Day violence in Seattle – mob assaults person to the ground, attacks videographer

Park property in CHAZ zone in Seattle defaced with messages “Antifa Zone”, “Dismember Andy Ngo”, and “I want to kill white ppl”

Antifa goon calls for Andy Ngo’s head – “oh okay so it’s time for And* Ng* to f**king die HEARD”

Cell phone tracking data show 14 ballot harvesters in Wisconsin also participated in one or more of the

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