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Anti-crt School Board Member Honored in Vermont

Writer James Lindsay graced the Green Mountain State with an engaging visit May 12 in Montpelier, Vermont (together with well-matched Professor Nick Meriwether ). Following a remarkable summary of the ideology unpacked in his current bestseller Race Marxism: the Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis , Dr. Lindsay presented an award to a Vermont school board member named Elizabeth Cady.

Mrs. Cady, an informed, calm-spoken mother with two children in the Essex Westford School District (EWSD) won her position campaigning “to make the board more accessible and approachable to those who have concerns and criticisms.” A victim of the very praxis (of slander and hate) described in Dr. Lindsay’s latest tome, Elizabeth Cady was not present to accept the award – because she and her family recently sold their home and relocated to the Midwest.

The EWSD school board was decisively unreceptive to Cady’s “accessible and approachable” initiative: they

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