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American Leaves China After 65-Day Lockdown

Nearly ten canceled plane tickets later, an American woman flees . She spent more than two months trapped in the country.

Getting forced out of their houses may not be the worst of it for Chinese citizens under lockdown. Some residents say the true suffering starts after they get home.

The head of the World Health Organization gets censored in China over comments he made on Beijing’s virus handling.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were wiped out from U.S. and Asian markets, all because of a label one American bank slapped on Chinese internet firms.

And with fighter jets and warships on the move, Beijing is testing Taiwan’s nerves, just ten days before President Joe Biden will visit Asia.

Topics in this episode:
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WHO Chief Censored in China
JPMorgan: China Internet Firms ‘Uninvestable’
CCP Flies Jet Over Taiwan Strait Before Biden Visit
Biden Vows to Fight Inflation, Attacks GOP
China Calls

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