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A Mysterious Giant Visits Stonehenge | Megalithomania

Gnomus, known as the Caretaker of the Earth is a ‘kind and gentle giant’ was paraded around the stones of Stonehenge over Beltane weekend in May 2022. Created by in association with English Heritage, this mighty giant figure is a reminder that giants were indeed involved with stone circles from the earliest of times. Combining puppetry, history and conservation, the programme of family-friendly performances took place over three days and the final performance was recorded in full by Megalithomania. Enjoy! Did you know that in the early 1500s, Sir Thomas Elyot, author, diplomat and scholar, reported on a 14ft 10in skeleton found a few miles south of Stonehenge. Also in the huge oak coffin was an ancient book and metal disc with mysterious inscriptions on them. In 1719, a 9ft 4in skeleton was found in a mound nearby. The earliest recorded name of Stonehenge is ‘The Giant’s Dance,’ and in legend the stone circle was said to have been built by a tribe called the ‘Cangick Giants.’ The book, ‘The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain’ by Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira is available at Amazon US: and Amazon UK: More info:

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