You are currently viewing 8 SAVAGE Landings From Red Bull Flugtag 😂

8 SAVAGE Landings From Red Bull Flugtag 😂

Red Bull Flugtag is a flying contest like no other, where amateur teams try to fly their homemade machines through the air and compete for glory. As well as trying to fly as far as possible, the teams also need to make a splash with the judges, and are assessed on their creativity, showmanship and flare for design 🪄 But it’s basically a rule of physics: what goes up, must also come down! We’ve put together 8 of the most savage landings from Red Bull Flugtag 💦

00:00 This is Red Bull Flugtag
00:55 Team Beaverton Boys BIG platypus
02:07 Flying Franks (don’t fly)
03:36 Team Dragon
04:56 Team de Bosch SLAM DOWN
06:09 Team What Sphynx
07:17 Team Kentucky Flying Colonels kan’tucky fly
08:40 Team Burton make an impact
09:36 Team 503 Adventuremobile

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