You are currently viewing 3 government LIES that should result in JAIL TIME

3 government LIES that should result in JAIL TIME

has had enough of the hearings, investigations, and questionings…when are who’ve LIED to under oath going to face ACTUAL consequences?! Glenn explains three recent from government — like Attorney General assuring Americans the was NOT targeting parents — that might have been proven with new evidence. So, it’s time some of these officials face JAIL TIME, Glenn says…


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GLENN: I am so sick and tired, so sick and tired, of people not going to jail.

You know, we had hearings. Sure. And then they lied to you. And then what happens? Nothing. Nothing.

You know, I grew up. You didn’t , ever. Didn’t matter with the definition of is, is. You didn’t lie under oath. Or you go to jail. Well, that changed in the ’90s. And now, you can lie to Congress. The

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