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2,000 Mules Will Infuriate You

The 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump, and a whole bunch of Americans who didn’t, have spent most of the last two years not knowing what to believe about the .

Our mainstream/legacy corporate media, who have outed themselves as inveterate liars in a hundred other respects before and since that time, embarked on a propaganda campaign worthy of Goebbels in the days following that election, which put a potato-brained, uncharismatic half-invalid incapable of campaigning for president — he couldn’t even fill high school gymnasia at campaign rallies ─ into the White House, ahead of a sitting president who had increased his own vote totals by some 10 million since the 2016 victory.

Everything about that narrative rang false, as did the implausible pattern that took place on Election Night — vote-counting ceasing, only to start back up in the wee hours of

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