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17- The Democratic Revolution

by ProfDave, ©2022

(May 12, 2022) — Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen!  I know it probably isn’t morning for most of you, but let’s pretend.

At the end of the 18th century there were a series of upheavals that shook European civilization from the Mississippi to the Volga.  It marks the dividing line between early modern and late modern history.  It wasn’t just the , but a series of wars and revolutions, different in their character in different nations. 

Where did it come from?  What was its character?  What were its consequences?  Today let’s talk about the ideas behind the democratic revolutions: the English revolution that went before, the , and finally, the French revolution.  You may want to take notes.

Where did it come from?  The early modern period is a testimony to the adage that “ideas have consequences.”  The social, political, and even economic institutions of

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