You are currently viewing 12 Dividend Stocks that Put Cash in Your Pocket EVERY Week

12 Dividend Stocks that Put Cash in Your Pocket EVERY Week

12 dividend stocks that will pay you every single week plus how to create a dividend stock portfolio. Learn how to use these 12 dividend stocks to create a dividend snowball and live off dividends here 😯

In this video, I’ll show you the 12 stocks in that dividend stock portfolio, explain how the strategy works and how to use it for cash flow every week! Imagine, knowing you’ve got cash flow coming into your account every week from a list of dividend stocks. Better still, the dividend-paying stocks I’ll reveal in this video pay an average 6.2% dividend yield, more than three-times the yield on the overall market.

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Creating a dividend portfolio for weekly cash flow means understanding how dividend stocks work and when they are paid. For that, you need to understand three important dates. These are the declaration date, the ex-dividend date and then the payment. I’ll show you what each of these mean and how to find them for a stock.

The declaration date is when the Board of Directors in a company announces the dividend. Here they’re also going to tell investors when the other two dates occur. The great thing about dividend stocks is that most try to stay extremely consistent with these dates, declaring a dividend in the same week every three months and every year. That gives you as an investor the opportunity to create a portfolio like this one, a portfolio with the right stocks that will schedule a dividend payment every week!

The most important date for dividend investors is called the ex-dividend date. That is the first day the stock trades WITHOUT the dividend. Now pay attention to that, it means you need to own the shares on the day before to get that dividend. So everyone that owns the stock at the close of market on the day before the ex-dividend date is going to get paid. If you buy the stock on the ex-dividend date or after, you’re out, so make sure you understand this if you buy these stocks. Last here is the payment date and that’s usually going to be a couple of weeks after the ex-dividend date but it may still be a week before the money hits your investing account.

Once you have a list of when your favorite dividend stocks go ex-dividend, you can plan it out so you have stocks going ex-dividend at different weeks of the month, which of course means you’ll get those payments about one month after each. Understand now that companies can change these dates so you need to watch and adjust if you notice that your dividend payments are off but it’s a great way to make sure you’ve got cash flow you can count on!

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