You are currently viewing 11 Early Cancer Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Ignore

11 Early Cancer Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you feeling tired and feverish? Or have your clothes started to fit loosely? Do you know that this could be a cause for major concern?

Minor symptoms we usually ignore could be the harbinger of cancer. Early detection helps big time. It makes the treatment much easier and more predictable. In today’s video let’s discuss early signs and symptoms your body gives when you have cancer. Does a change in bowel habits mean anything? What about hoarseness in your voice? We’re discussing all that and more…

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Coming to the symptoms, first up, look out for changes in your bladder habits.
When you are well hydrated, your urine will be pale yellow. On days when you are severely dehydrated, it can turn to deep amber. But finding streaks of blood in it could be a cause of concern. Studies have shown it could be related to bladder cancer.

The deal with the urinary system and men’s health does not end here.
Elder men may experience obstruction while peeing. It may or may not be associated with urgency in going to the bathroom.

But that’s not all, even changes in your bowel habits can be an indicator of cancer.
Your diet usually dictates how regular you can be every morning. It gets quite tricky when it comes to differentiating between cancer and constipation.

Want to know about more subtle signs? Get a closer look at your skin..
Who doesn’t love beach vacations? Getting that natural tan might add to your beauty. But can it be harmful? Exposure to UV rays can double your chances of cancer. It may begin as a minute skin change that you’ll hardly notice.

Did you know that changes in your skin can point out other cancers too?
We are talking about breast cancer. It’s time for ladies to listen up closely. The occurrence of breast cancer in males is pretty rare.

But hang on…you must never rely on these signs alone,

This deadly cancer has other hidden markers too.
Breast cancer has gripped the entire world. There is a likelihood of 1 in 8 women developing this life-threatening disease.

Speaking of pain, is your headache hiding something?
A simple throbbing headache could also mean that cancer has already started growing in your brain. Studies have shown that migraine and tension headaches can degrade the quality of life drastically.

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