Master Chief Removed From Halo Due To Problematic Words 'Master,' 'Chief'

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U.S.—Microsoft confirmed Master Chief will be edited out of the next Halo game due to his name containing not just one but two offensive words, “Master” and “Chief.”

Halo: Infinite was revealed yesterday but was quickly condemned for including the iconic protagonist. Microsoft issued a statement today that the game will be redeveloped not to feature Master Chief, since “Master” implies slavery, and “Chief” is appropriated from indigenous culture.

“Master and Chief? His name is a real double whammy,” wrote one games journalist on Kotaku. “It’s imperialist, racist, and probably sexist and transphobic or something. It is time for Master Chief to be canceled, left in the dustbin of history. We must all play games with more progressive narratives, like anti-violence masterpiece The Last of Us Part 2.”

“This ain’t it, chief. Wait, I mean, this ain’t it, wise indigenous tribal elder.”

Rumors from within 343 Industries indicate the protagonist will be a purple-haired transgendered Native American in a wheelchair, “just to cover all our bases.”

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